01. To provide 1530 women with quality vocational skill building opportunities by 2026

02. Decent work opportunities for at least 10% of Vocational students


The Vocational Training Program has a symbiotic relationship with RLCC’s other departments and programs. The program aims to provide skills to women that will enhance their capabilities and provide them with employment opportunities, in the market to help them better avail the education and health services available for their families. The selections of skills that are taught to women are based on several criteria including local market demand, availability of teachers, and needs identified by the community.


  • Safe and equal access to employment opportunities.
  • Increased economic growth in Shah Faisal Colony.
  • Skill development

Skill Training Courses

RLCC offers skills based classes that have been popular amongst women from the community. The most popular of these classes is the beautician training course which enables  women to not only become self-sufficient by finding employment in salons but also to become entrepreneurs and provide beautician services from home.

Courses being Offered

Beautician Course

This course will aim to equip students with a diverse skill set that they can apply to potential employment opportunities and self-sustain themselves. Candidates who enroll in this course will be taught to perform different hairstyling and beauty techniques, perform skin analysis, color hair, do different event make-ups and makeovers, etc. With the ever-growing and ever changing cosmetic trends, students are taught to be flexible and adapt their skills to global and traditional trends.

Literacy Course

Basic literacy and numeracy are critical skills not only to help women find better employment opportunities, but also to support them in different areas of their life.  The course can be taken in English or Urdu. The basic course aims at fast track learning for adults within a period of 3 months. Advanced courses then can fast track students to qualify for Matriculation exams as well.

Computer (MS Office) Course

This course will allow students to explore the functionalities of MS Office.

Cutting & Sewing Course

The purpose of this course is to support women by introducing them to tailoring skills. With the ever changing fashion trends and market needs, it is imperative to keep up with the evolving garment industry. This course promotes SDG 4 of quality education and SDG 8 of decent work and economic growth.

English as a Secondary Language

In this training of English as a Secondary Language (ESL), students learn about spoken English with a comprehensive understanding of English grammar, sentence formation and their practical uses in daily life.

Future Plans

The RLCC Vocational Training Centre aims to excel as a skill based training platform, and serve as a quality standard for  women of all ages looking to get training for employment purposes. Further, we hope to offer more courses that are of interest and expand our training services to other underprivileged areas in Pakistan and link it to gainful employment opportunities 

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)