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Ra’ana Liaquat Craftsmen’s Colony was founded by Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan in 1947, later inaugurated as an NPO on 25th August 1954. RLCC is a right-based non-profit organization that caters to the holistic needs of over 20,000 beneficiaries. Today it has evolved as a forward-looking, conscientious organization registered with Voluntary Social Welfare, certified by PCP, and recognized as an NPO under the Income-tax Ordinance, 2001.

The women-centric programs at RLCC are strategized in consideration of community needs, government priorities, and the targets identified by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a sector focus on education, health, vocational training, community outreach, and livelihoods.

Initiated in 2008, the livelihoods program today has grown to support over 350 women home-based artisans that have migrated to Karachi from various regions of Pakistan and are adept at the following craft techniques:

  • Sewing
  • Embroidery
  • Crochet
  • Paper Crafts
  • Block Printing
  • Handloom
  • Beadwork
  • Basketry
  • Patchwork
  • Applique

All remuneration as labor for artisans is calculated in accordance with sample making minutes and fair trade minimum labor wage rate at Rs.1.5/minute of production – (Rs. 19000/month – Home Based Workers in Sindh).

RLCC will facilitate the manufacturing of any customized product which can be made by its women artisans in the techniques mentioned above

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Thesis projects are an integral part of supporting a number of artisan livelihoods through creative collaborations. RLCC provides a safe space for these design interventions to take place enabling design students to explore innovations in the disciplines of arts, crafts and design.

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RLCC strives to uplift its artisans and regularly collaborates with various organizations to provide digital and financial literacy pieces of training to empower artisans towards entrepreneurship. With Adopt an Artisan, RLCC plays the role of connecting artisans to designers or organizations that require the services of the artisan independent of RLCC's facilitation in order to encourage artisans in becoming self-sufficient. Any client wishing to avail the services of the artisan independent of RLCC must agree to pay labor to artisans according to the minimum labor wage rate mentioned above to avoid exploitation of labor.

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