• To provide quality education to 600 children in Shah Faisal Colony by 2026

RLCC has built up a multi-faceted health program, which revolves primarily round two initiatives: the Community Health Clinic and the Promotive and Preventive Health Program.


  • Provide quality health services and health awareness to around 80,000 beneficiaries with a focus on women, children adolescents by 2026

Community Health Clinic

RLCC’s health program is one of its longest running to date. The programme includes provision of healthcare and outreach efforts to increase awareness of widely prevalent diseases and ways of prevention.

Regular clinics, specialist clinics and camps are run on a customary basis. Primary care clinics in Shah Faisal Colony for women and children. The clinics provide immunizations, antenatal care, postnatal care, family planning, mental health services, eye clinic, pediatrics, ultrasound and treatment of other minor ailments.

Satellite Clinic

This project was initiated in June 2021 as an off-shoot of the Health Centre with the purpose of providing health care to those members of the community who were unable to access the clinic or hospitals. It is also an integral part of our Outreach Program which aims at spreading awareness about health issues within the community.

A nominal amount is charged for consultation and medication for two days. When required, patients are referred to other hospitals and those who cannot afford medical expenses are given financial assistance after verification by the Outreach team.

Referral System

Patients are referred to different hospitals according to their diagnosis. An overview of the program:

Promotive and Preventive Health Program

RLCC believes that among the many responsibilities that women undertake, their roles as child bearers and primary caregivers are among the most influential ones, as they become important influencers to their family members.

The Promotive and Preventive Health Program involves a dedicated team of experienced field workers, trained by Ziauddin University and Hospital, who conduct awareness programs. In specified areas, each field worker inducts a woman from the community to become a group leader, who then holds regular meetings in her own home where her neighbors can voice their everyday concerns, building up trust and a sense of empowerment amongst the women.

Partnerships and Facilitation

A key element in strengthening program implementation and delivery is collaboration with other organizations. Recognizing the fact that NGOs in Karachi have varied fields of expertise and established networks, RLCC continues to expand and enhance its partnerships with NGOs.

Future Plans

Following the successful building of a state-of-the-art secondary school in Shah Faisal Colony, RLCC is now committed  to realizing Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali’s dream  of a state-of-the-art hospital in the colony. Pakistan  has  a maternal  mortality of approximately 186 deaths per 100,000 live births that is amongst the highest in Asia.

Despite  urbanization,  low socio-economic parts of the city remain congested and underserved, with poor quality of services. Low contraceptive usage and early marriages result in repeated pregnancies, and poor nutrition and lack of access results in high risk pregnancies. RLCC’s health program has also been expanding and despite limited resources has been responding to the needs of the community. Demand for quality services is high.

Ra’ana Hospital will therefore be a much needed addition to the spectrum of health services available to the disadvantaged women and children of Karachi, and Shah Faisal Colony in particular. RLCC has formed a small, multidimensional team to provide leadership, expertise, and coordination for the Ra’ana Hospital Project.


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