• To provide quality education to 600 children in Shah Faisal Colony by 2026


  • Access to affordable quality education

RLCC believes in equal access to quality education for all. We believe the best way to clear concepts  is  through  activity  based  learning in Ra’ana Liaquat Public School (RLPS). RLPS class groups start from Nursery till Metric, with over 450 students enrolled. Throughout the year, special days are celebrated and these days become a reason to learn something new, express children’s creativity and make learning fun. Celebratory events throughout the year include, Pakistan’s Independence Day, Eid Milan and Spring Festival. Other events include, animal day, poetry competition, excursions, annual sports day and spelling bee. 

RLCC stands firm in its commitment to help the less fortunate. Therefore, maintains a budgetary allowance to cater to and fulfill the needs of children who cannot afford school.

Teacher Training Program

RLCC follows a systematic approach to teacher education for the whole of Shah Faisal Colony and believes in benefitting not only the teachers of RLPS, but of all schools in Shah Faisal Town. As part of the program, RLCC maintains close links with schools in Shah Faisal Colony and teacher training opportunities are offered to all teachers of Shah Faisal Town to improve standards of teaching throughout the colony.

Future Plans

Introduce increased opportunities of learning through higher education and upgrade to a college.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)